Maybelline lippies were introduced to me just recently. Well, I know I might be already late in reviewing these shades but still I want to share my experience with you, my 3 readers. (That’s Mom, Kim & Kai) lol

Here are my top 4 favorites:



I instantly fell in love and it instantly became a favorite! Clay Crush has a creamy matte finish (you might think wth?! How can mattes be creamy, right? But guys, it actually is creamy matte *wink) I am very much in love with its light brown color with a little pink undertone. It has a sophisticated shade which can be worn daily. Clay Crush is a dupe of Urban Decay’s Uptight! UD comfort mattes are one of the best things in this world (will write that on a separate entry :)) 


Touch of Spice offers a medium-toned reddish brown with mauve undertone shade. It’s really pretty and you can look ready for anything when wearing this. It also is creamy matte which made Touch of Spice perfect! My mom loves this shade 🙂 


This color works for me! I was blown away the first time I tried it. Hehe ang OA! Pero seriously, this shade is gorgeous! It’s dark nude which works well with downplayed or full formal makeup.


Texture is powder matte and it feels light and comfortable on the lips. However after a few applications, it may tend to dry your lips out. Shade is coral which is perfect for summer! Been using Make Me Blush lately and colleagues keep on saying it’s pretty. Well I think it also works for me teehee.

So there you go, my top 4 favorite lipsticks from Maybelline! I can’t wait to try more of their shades because some of the popular ones are sold out! I’ve been to several department stores already checking it but they’re still unavailable. One thing that made me attached to it too aside from the quality is their cheap price, roughly around 199-299.

Thanks for dropping by!




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