People always think I am confident, strong and fearless. What they don’t know deep down my nerves, fear gets me all the time. When in a crowd, when I need to voice out my opinion, when I need to stand up for something. Maybe I just try to look at my best even when my knees and hands quiver to death. Then I just try to be brave.

Then I thought… What really is bravery?

And it’s not all heroes and superheroes.

I am no expert, but I guess bravery is pushing yourself past the point when you’re at the edge of giving up. There’s no backing down. There’s no looking back. It’s waking up every morning and knowing that nothing will be handed to you. It’s knowing that the impossible is possible. That no matter how painful it is, you’d still try and you’d still give your best shot. Bravery is listening to your heart and learning how to say no. It’s creating a world you want for yourself. It’s allowing to get your heart broken. It’s looking at failure differently. Bravery is believing that tomorrow will always be better.

So I made a choice.. I need something to constantly remind me that I can. Everyday… I can. No matter what the fudge come up, I can. No matter how hard I stumble, I still can.

Life is all about choices sabi nga nila. So for me, I choose to be brave.




One thought on “Diary: Why Brave? ‘Cos I am

  1. You are amazing! I know we haven’t met yet but I can definitely tell that you are brave! Would love to meet you in person soon! :’) And figure out what tattoo to get 😉 Haha!


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