Diary: Coffee Isn’t For Me


Perhaps a lot of my friends are aware that I am not a coffee person. I drink coffee occasionally, like once a year (lol) and when I do, I make sure it has a great deal of milk and sugar. But my sisters are different, they’re so much addicted to it!

Having said that, my entire family jump starts each day by drinking coffee. Our breakfast table wouldn’t be complete without it. Sure, I’ve been enticed by the strong warm smell of freshly brewed coffee but I don’t know… It’s just not my thing. I just can’t stand to drink it as it is.

So what keeps me going every morning? Hot Chocolate! Its warm sweet chocolaty smell excites me to start my day! It may be sinful but hell I care! My most favorite would be Jollibee’s Hot Chocolate! I’m obsessed with its rich flavor! I love Coffee Bean’s Double Hot Chocolate too that has marshmallows on top, Starbucks’ Signature Hot Chocolate would be my third favorite! But let me tell you, the best hot choco ever? Swiss Miss! It’s very soothing and delicious. Oooooooooooh! I just can imagine curling up on the couch, watching my favorite series while savoring every sip! (Time check: 19:40, still at work and imagining it makes me want to go home!)

How about you? What gets you up in the morning?









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