On The Table: Sweetness is My Weakness

If your new year’s resolution was to take it easy on food then you are in the wrong room. Like you, I’ve been promising myself to lose weight, visit the gym, do boxing, yoga, etc… etc… but for me, life is really about food 🙂 It brings happiness and fulfillment so no one can ever take that away! 🙂

It was a fun-filled Saturday with friends! I went to Pampanga to visit Paolo and Kuya Arjay. Did errands around Clark then finally was able to stop at Cioccolo to have merienda before I head back to Manila.

Pao introduced this place back in 2012. Cioccolo is a secret hideaway in Angeles City where you can relax and have good food.

“So Kuya (waiter), anong ibig sabihin nung statue?” “Ahh.. Hindi ko alam, Ma’am.” LOL
A foodie’s got to do what he’s got to do!
Braso de Mercedez Cheesecake Php150.00 slice/Php1,500.00 whole

This is not your typical Braso de Mercedez. It’s the most delicious Braso in the universe! Yes! Ganun ka-OA! Well-balanced sweetness, very fluffy and rich! It has one of the smoothest textures ever. When I get back, I’ll buy an entire cake!

Ferrero Cake Php150.00 slice/Php1,500.00 whole

Contrary to its dark and decadent appearance, this Ferrero Cake is light and bittersweet. This treat definitely is for chocolate lovers out there! It’s nearly impossible to finish it on your own, so it’s best for sharing.

Red Velvet Cheesecake Php130.00 slice/Php1,300.00 whole

Ah, Red Velvet! Who wouldn’t love this beautiful but sinful treat?! The cream cheese frosting is like a little piece of heaven. One look at it and you know you’ll get back for more!


So if you’re around Pampanga, don’t forget to stop by Cioccolo. They never disappoint!





Thanks sa treat, Pao!

Address: Royal Garden Estate, Fil-Am Friendship Highway, Circumferential Road, Angeles City, Pampanga







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