On The Table: My Top 20 Most Mouthwatering Moments in 2015

Hello! My name is Kat and I’m a frustrated food blogger. 21 years ago I remember being asked on a TV interview “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and my answer? To be a restaurateur. Laging related sa pagkain talaga! So there’s really nothing else on my mind but food. Sorry boys. LMAO.  

Introducing My Top 20 Most Mouthwatering Moments in 2015!                                                   (In no particular order)


Macao Dream Php170

From Korea to Manila! The ice cream itself is ordinary so I find it pricey. However, the macaron and almonds made it special. And of course, their claim that it’s organic made it quite unique too.


Backyard Burger Php285

This is huge and yummy! Php285 is a good treat for me. Patty is delicious and goes well with their sriracha ketchup. That’s a parmesan crisp on top of the cheese, I didn’t like it that much. Though it didn’t make it less of how delicious it is. #opinyonkolamang oh! and you guys should also try their Pizzookie. The best dessert you can have ever! lol


Buttermilk Waffles with Ice Cream and Sliced Apples Php 220

It’s gorgeous and heavenly! Though Pancake House’s waffle will always be my number 1, Yardstick’s is probably my 2nd! Anyway, whichever fruit is seasonal goes with this combo 🙂


Margherita Php295

I always enjoy their food. I love their Margherita and Sausage pizza. Pero yung the best talaga e yung Salted Egg Pasta! OMG! Our entire family loves it! Love their Burrata with House Salad too! So much love for Gino’s! lol


Bacon and Egg Php300

They say Cafe by the Ruins is the best restaurant in Baguio City so I gave it a shot and ordered my favorite, Bacon! Well to be honest I was expecting more because of their price. There isn’t really something special since choices are the ones you can easily pull off at home, except of course that their ingredients are fresh and organic. But nevertheless, it was an awesome experience and food is good, bacon is huge!


sorry 😦

I seriously don’t know what it’s called. When I visit Mak Chang, I always have my previous boss with me and she’s in-charge of ordering lol We get this bacon and pork belly (not in photo) type every time. Once food arrives, the waiter will grill it for you. Of course, you wrap the meat with lettuce and put in whatever delicious sauce they have then you eat it. Pero ako, nagoorder ako ng rice! hehehe! Usually, she pays around 1500 for the both of us 🙂 Super sarap dito!


Waffle Plate Php290, Dirty Rice Plate Php320

Chicken pieces are huge, tender and flavorful. I also enjoy their Sweet Potato Waffle. Kai loves their Dirty Rice! It has bacon, chicken liver and bonito flakes. And… Expect a line! There’s always a well-deserved wait for these chickens.



Strawberry Matcha baby Php195/ regular Php245

Cafe Shibuya has a happy ambiance which I absolutely appreciate. I’m definitely in love with their toasts! I’ve tried their Honey Lemongrass Chops too but I didn’t like it. I highly recommend their desserts!


Cheeseburger with Fries Php375

Yes, it’s Php375 and it’s worth it! It really is freakin’ delicious! It made me savor every bite. The fries… It’s kinda impossible to stop eating them.


Beef and Chicken Kebab, Palak Paneer

Friends brought me here and I had an amazing experience! They have delectable dishes and I truly enjoyed every bite! It’s my first time to try a legit Middle Eastern restaurant and I can’t wait to go back!


Happiness Ramen Php480

I’m not a Ramen person but this is something I couldn’t resist! It’s a huge bowl but I was able to finish it alone. It tastes special and looks so precious! It’s the epitome of delicious.


Madagascar Vanilla Php170

This enticing crepe cake is the bomb! It’s soft and heavenly. The place gave me all the cozy feels! Such a relaxing place to hangout with friends and family.


Louisiana Rub, Mild Buffalo, Hickory Smoked BBQ, Lemon Pepper, Garlic Parmesan Fries and Chipotle Rice

I love Wingstop! I find their chicken wings really delicious and flavorful. Louisiana Rub and Hickory Smoked BBQ are my personal favorites. However, they are overpriced and wings are really tiny. Masarap pero hindi sulit 🙂


Prime Rib Tapa Php520

Although a bit on the pricey side, Maple’s Prime Rib Tapa totally hit the spot! This has been a favorite for quite some time already and I recommend it to all carnivores out there!


Signature Steak Php315

This dish is fantastic! Affordable without sacrificing the taste. Steak goes with 2 sides. I had smashed potato and garden grains. (Kamusta naman ang carbs??) 


Beef Tortilla with Cheese Php55

If you are craving for Shawarma, then this is your place. Persian Avenue has the best Shawarma in town! It’s rich, meaty and really flavorful! Like, unbelievably good.


Isaw Php185 3 sticks

I never thought Isaw can even be more delicious than how it is already! Guys, this is the best in the world.


Señor Pollo Roast Php225 (Quarter chicken with 2 sides)

I was curious as most of the food bloggers and friends I follow on Instagram have tried their famous Latin Chicken. E Kaya naman pala! Masarap kasi!


Beef Kimchi Rice Php249

Introducing my favorite Beef Kimchi Rice! Meat quality is tender and flavorful. If you’re a big eater like me, then you better try Sizzlin’ Steak. They have breathtaking selections of yummy sizzlin’ meals at an everyday affordable price!


The Double Php230

You’d totally fall for this classic no-frills burger. Their Sriracha Chicken Wings are highly addictive! Just be forewarned, the place is small so you better come in maybe a bit early if you’re going for lunch or dinner 🙂

So much more to add! Like Mary Grace’s Carbonara, House of Minis’ Porterhouse Steak, Casa Verde’s Brian’s Ribs, Mr. Rockefeller’s Grandma’s Steak Recipe! But super dami na! Dapat ata Top 50 e! Sarap kumain guys! Looking forward to more food trips this year! Baka may gustong sumama diyan?




***Prices subject to change without prior notice





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