Diary: Thank you po, Ka Felix!

My heart bleeds when I hear you talk or write abhorrent thoughts about Bro. Felix Y. Manalo when YOU don’t even know who he actually is. I know for a fact that everyone is entitled to his own opinion but do you have to go too far? Maybe you’ve heard his name, especially his surname that’s beyond popular now. But YOU, you who have said foul words against him, do you even know who he is? What his sacrifices were? How his journey was? Absolutely not! Not because you know his complete name and have HEARD stories about him that doesn’t make you know who he is completely. 

As a member of the Church Of Christ or the Iglesia Ni Cristo, I grew up knowing him. My mind and soul never doubted anything in the lessons I have studied and learned. The bible has its verses that proves he’s the last messenger of God in these last days. INC members didn’t make that up. I won’t site verses here, you may tune in on our radio and TV channels or look up using the Bible yourself (FYI, we DON’T create our own bible).

My point in writing this is I want to express how sorry I am to those people throwing rotten and hateful words about Bro. Felix and the Church. I’ve read one comment stating:

“Buhay pa ba si Felix Manalo? Bakit ba siya ginawan ng pelikula? E hindi ko naman siya kilala. Si Jose Manalo lang ang kilala ko.”

Another states:

“Wala akong pakialam kay Felix Manalo. Hindi ko yan panunuorin. Pera pera lang naman habol niyo.”

As a matter of fact, the film was created as an eye-opener for YOU to benefit God’s salvation. My sincerest apologies but the truth really hurts. It was also made to show how huge the Church is now from its humble beginnings. From bahay kubos to humongous houses of worship. From ONE person to millions of people around the world. To be crystal clear, we’ve never armed anyone to watch the film. And we will NEVER EVER force you. With all due respect, we don’t need your money.

And this I want to say:

From the bottom of my heart, Thank you po, Ka Felix. Thank you for all the sacrifices just to find the real church. Thank you for the benevolence and affection you’ve given. I may not be fortunate to meet you personally, but I know one day, I’d be able to express my gratitude in front of you, face to face. I am indeed fortunate because I am a member of the one true church, the Iglesia Ni Cristo.



(photo credit: Pasugo)


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