Diary: Is It Friday Yet?

Yes, it freakin’ is!!!

My youngest sister Kai has been living with me for almost 2 weeks now and I guess I can say that am doing a pretty good job. But it’s hard though! I have to check how she is every now and then. I text her if she had lunch already, what she’s doing and all that. She hasn’t started work yet so she stays at home. To be honest, I find her more responsible. She cleans our bathroom, clears up the kitchen sink and does laundry. Only her laundry. I don’t take advantage of her! haha! I send out mine to a laundromat near my place. Cos of work, I don’t have enough time to do laundry anymore. I’d choose to sleep, of course. Well I guess when Kai starts working too, she no longer has the time to tide things up at home and we’ll be a huge mess. That’s how I was when living alone. LOL

I always just buy McDonald’s or Jollibee for dinner but things will change now. I’ll be getting an induction cooker, another set of utensils and I guess I’ll be needing to buy a dining set too. Oh and a bigger bed! GEEZ!! And a TV! Kai is not into books so she’ll prolly get bored. We’ll be staying in more on weekends. No QC visits anymore 😦

So there you go! Just sharing a piece of me! 🙂 Happy weekend!




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