On The Table: Mad Mark’s Creamery and Good Eats

This is my new favorite restaurant. Though the place is small, I still find it cozy and comfortable. Servers are really friendly and all smiles. However, the first time I tried Mad Mark’s, their front of the house server was a bit masungit but I met her when we went back and I guess she’s changed (very good!). 

Best known for their rich homemade ice cream and grilled dishes,  Mad Mark’s made sure servings are on the generous side too. 

 Signature Steak (150g, only 1 size in Glorietta but they offer size options in Kapitolyo) P315. This dish is really good! Affordable without sacrificing the taste. I hope they offer size options too. Steak goes with 2 sides. I had smashed potato and garden grains. (Kamusta naman ang carbs??) 

 Creole Grilled Chicken P245 or P275 (Sorry, I forgot na) This dish is my 2nd favorite! It’s delicious and flavory. 

 But of course, you wouldn’t eat here without experiencing their rich and creamy ice cream. Unfortunately, Half Baked Madagascar wasn’t available, so we had Madagascar Crumble P95. 

To sum it all up, I had a wonderful experience in Mad Mark’s Glorietta. I highly recommend that you try them. 




Inserting our family photo 


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