Diary: Happy Weekend!

It’s Friday, Folks!

Absolutely looking forward to more sleep and I hope to catch up on this book I am currently reading, Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver. Tomorrow, I’ll be doing some errands (Gaaaah! Imagining it makes me dizzy and sick). Lost my passport a few months ago and I need to get a new one! I feel bitter ‘cos I wasn’t able to travel this year. I know there are a couple of months left but I doubt I’ll get a shot to sneak in some time to go abroad. In 5 months, I’ll be celebrating my 2_th birthday and I have plans in mind that I hope to carry out! So I badly need my passport.

Fabric hunting tomorrow too! Waaaah!! I’ll prolly have a loooong day! Then visit my nephew, church on Sunday, movie marathon and read Before I Fall! (book has been with me for more than a year now! So finish it na, girl!).

So nothing really exciting for me. Wait! Sleeping is exciting, though! How about you? What are your weekend plans? (HAHA As if someone will really comment!LOL)




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