Diary: A Letter To My First Love

Dear First Love,

2004, I was in Baking Class. It was your birthday so I decided to make you a cake. Well, that’s what we’re gonna do anyway. I saw you that afternoon and handed the cake I made, but you told me to just bring it to your house cos you still have basketball practice. I didn’t. I wonder if you looked for it when you got home. To tell you frankly, I know I never really existed. But I was someone you can call anytime, someone you bully all the time, someone you know you can rely on always.

49.99% population of the girls in school has a crush on you. My classmates, were totally jealous of me because I get to hangout with you! I miss those late night talks. You tell me stories about your girls…  My opinion about them, what to give them, etc… etc… etc… Midnight jamming!! Teaching me how to play the guitar which I never really learned. Yea, I was just really a sister to you and I didn’t mind at all.

Remember when you were so heartbroken because there’s this super special girl who left you? My phone never stopped beeping. And remember when you had a huge huge fight with another girl you were with? Geez! I had to load my phone (which I don’t really do… and sorry naman, prepaid lol) because you needed someone to talk to. every. single. day.

I was always there, Kuya.

And now, you are finally married to the woman of your dreams. I am truly, deeply, sincerely happy. I swear, no bitterness at all! 101%! Glad the both of you ended up together because there’s really no one else meant for you but her. I haven’t moved on yet to someone else. If anything, it would be a lot of someone else’s.  lol But I have moved on to the new state of my life. Thank you, Kuya. Thank you for your brotherly love. Thank you for making me realize how special I am when I needed it the most. Thank you for helping me heal my heart when it’s not okay. And thank you for the friendship we have. Though we don’t communicate much anymore, I know how busy your life is, always remember that I’ll forever be your adopted sister.

I wish you and Ate all the best! Cheers to never ending love!





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