Beauty: Let’s Get Nude!


I am not much of a makeup person but I’ve been addicted (a bit) to lipsticks lately. My favorite brand right now is MAC. So last week, I was in search of the best nude lipstick. I asked Kelly Misa her favorite shades, luckily she replied and said Honey Love and Russian Red by MAC. Russian Red is a personal favorite too. So I went to MAC and tried on Honey Love… and voila! I looked like a zombie! Geez! Maybe it didn’t match my skin tone. Kelly might be whiter in person than how I see her in pictures and on TV. So I searched and searched and searched! Thanks to MAC Eastwood’s Beauty Specialist, she recommended Taupe. It’s a slightly reddish brown shade that matches my skin color. And the perfect thing about it? It’s matte! I only use this finish cos my lips can’t take shimmer and glossy touches.

I highly recommend this shade. It’s something I can use everyday ๐Ÿ™‚




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