Good Reads: Delirium by Lauren Oliver


Reading makes my mind and heart relax. It gives me peace. It makes me think of beautiful things. There are some books written that touch you deeply, stories that work their way surreptitiously into your heart leaving you utterly breathless and completely captivated with wondrous awe. Delirium did this to me. It made me believe as well that love is worth all the pain.
This beautiful and heart wrenching story is about Lena, a normal girl in a loveless society. She was born in a world where people who reaches eighteen will undergo a procedure to avoid this deadly disease, Love. Lena begins to explore this completely new and forbidden emotion.  An emotion that people despise and fear. An emotion that could get her killed. As I flip the pages, my heart cries happily and shed tears of sadness as well. My heart breaks for her and yet it soars with her as she discovers a whole new and fascinating world.
This book was beautifully written, though it’s too long for a simple story (well, not really simple, I just can’t find the exact word). Nonetheless, it was brilliantly told. Can’t wait to read Pandemonium. Hoping this book will touch your hearts as much as it touched mine.
Thank you so much Ate Tin for lending me this incredible book!

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